Sunday, February 11, 2007

Audiosurgeon 007: The (Even More) New Music Issue

AudioSurgeon - Episode 007: The (Even More) New Music Issue, Featuring over twenty minutes of uninterrupted new tunes from Amon Tobin, 4hero, Charlotte Hatherley and more...


We told you we'd be back. Although we can only apologise to all our listeners for howe long it's taken us. We hope you'll both forgive us. We actually recorded some new discussions at Christmas, but somehow, launching a 'best of 2006' podcast when it's already February 2007 just didn't seem like the best plan.

So whilst we promise we will all try and get in the same room as eachother in the near future, for now we bring you something a little different. Sam has got together over 20 minutes worth of uninterrupted music for you to gorge your ears on. And it's all new, coming soon, or only just slightly not quite new. In fact, you'll probably prefer it to the lengthy wittering session that we normally expose you too. So enjoy it while you can, 'cos we'll be wittering on and on about the usual stuff real soon!


4hero - Morning Child
Album: Play With the Changes
Release Date: Out Now
Label: Raw Canvas
Official Site

Riot in Belgium - La Musique (Relish)
Release Date: Out Now

Arrested Development- Miracles
Album: Since the Last Time
Release Date: Out Now
Label: Edel
Official Site

DJ Hell - In Diesem Raum (Trost cover)
Album: Misch Masch Vol.3
Release Date: Out Now
Label: Fine
Official Site

Pop Levi - Mournin' Light
Album: The Return to Form Black Magick Party
Release Date: Feb 16th
Label: Counter Records
Official Site

The Cinematic Orchestra - To Build a Home
Album: Ma Fleur (to be released in May 2007)
Release Date: Out Now (download single)
Label: Ninja Tune
Official Site

Fear of Music - A Blueprint
EP: We are not the Enemy
Label: Faster
Release Date: Out Now
Official Site

Charlotte Hatherley - It Isn't Over
Album: The Deep Blue
Release Date: 5th March
Label: Little Sister Records
Ninja Tune

Yuksek - Composer
Release Date: 19th February

Amon Tobin - At the end of the day
Album: The Foley Room (to be released March 5th)
Label: Ninja Tune
Official site

All music used with kind permission. Thanks to 4hero, Laura Seach, James Heather, Lucius Yeo, Ed Bagnall, Steven Colborne and Paula Hartley.